Our Blog Helps South Carolina Patients Overcome Heel Pain Fast

We know you don’t want to be in pain any longer than you have to. In our blog, we explore common (and less common) methods for treating heel injuries, including stretches for plantar fasciitis, rest and ice for inflamed tendons, and other pain relief measures. 

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  • Four Flip-Flops For Heel Pain To Try This Summer Heel Pain causing you issues this summer? Here are four flip-flops that are podiatrist approved.
  • Don't Let Sore, Achy Feet Ruin Your Holiday Season If the shoe fits, wear it—when hitting the dance floor or the shopping malls during the holiday season, don’t compromise comfort and safety when picking the right shoes to wear.
  • Tips To Reduce Heel Pain Women don’t have to “grin and bear” the pain that comes with wearing fashionable shoes. The following steps will help you stay comfortable in your stylish shoes.
  • What Is Causing This Pain? Being fashionable doesn’t have to hurt. Large purses or briefcases can lead to shoulder, neck, elbow, and back pain. Did you know it can also cause foot pain?
  • What are Custom Foot Inserts? A custom foot insert or orthotic, is a device placed inside your shoe to alter how your foot functions while walking. Orthotics are roughly the shape of your shoe’s
  • Foot Exercises To Reduce Foot Pain You ask a lot from your feet every day. They are arguably the most abused part of the body as they must support our weight and move us from place to place while