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There’s no need to try home remedies that don’t work. Our blog offers foot care protection, injury prevention, and other tips from a certified South Carolina podiatrist, helping you to see real results and lasting relief.

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  • Foot of the Class After wearing flip-flops all summer, students head back to school with painful feet. The sounds of back to school season include the ringing of school bells and
  • Toenails: Questions and Answers Toenails are a common area of concern. In addition to injury, ingrown nails, and fungus, the podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Associates are equipped to answer
  • Is My Foot Posture Causing My Knee, Hip, and Back Pain? Regional interdependence is the term used when your knee, hip, and back pain is caused by poor foot posture. Problems such as over-pronation or flattening
  • Stop Playing Through Foot and Ankle Pain! With football and soccer season well underway, it is important to remind parents and coaches to think twice before letting their young athlete play through pain.
  • Surprising Ways You Are Risking Your Foot Health Everyone knows that high heels and pointed shoes are not the best for your feet, but your simple everyday events can also cause foot pain. These may seem like
  • Hikers and Hunters As brightly colored leaves dazzle the fall landscape, hikers and hunters nationwide will migrate to mountains, woods and fields, but many, unfortunately, are ill prepared for the beating their feet will take.
  • The Truth About Injections Few things are more uncomfortable when seeing a doctor than getting a shot. Most people can think back to at least one bad experience where an injection really hurt or someone said something
  • My Bed Sheet Hurts My Foot! Does your foot hurt so bad that you cannot touch a bed sheet? Do you have a joint that is red, hot, and swollen? If so, these are two common complaints of people suffering from gout or gouty arthritis.
  • What To Do With A Broken Toe Have you recently dropped something on your foot or accidentally run into a bedpost, table leg, or doorframe? These are common causes of injuring bones in the foot.
  • Tricky Ulcers Sometimes it seems ulcers have a mind of their own. One day they are looking great and are almost healed, and the next day they reopen and it seems like you are back to the beginning.