The best day of your life does not need to include foot pain.   It is important to match a good shoe with that perfect wedding dress to ensure you’ll be dancing the night away. Wearing shoes that irritate your feet can cause long-term injury, or make existing problems worse.  When purchasing wedding shoes, keep these American Podiatric Medical Association tips in mind:

  • Lower Heels are better.  Very high heels can put increased pressure on your feet and spine.  If you will be on your feet for hours, consider choosing a heel less than 2 inches.
  • Use two pairs of shoes.  If you cannot go without high heels, consider keeping a second, lower-heeled shoe to use during down times.  Think about wearing the high heels for the ceremony and photos but then switch to a more comfortable shoe for the reception.
  • Chose a wide, rounded toe shoe.  Pointed or tight shoes pinch the toes into unnatural positions that can cause or contribute to a number of foot problems.  If you cannot wiggle your toes in the shoes, they are too tight.
  • Chose a comfortable material.  Opt for materials that have some give to them.  Patent leather pumps may be your style, but satin shoes may be better for your feet if they have some stretch.  Stay away from plastic or vinyl shoes that do not allow feet to breathe.
  • Shoes should not need a break in period.  Any shoe you buy should be comfortable immediately.  This is especially important when considering wedding shoes, as you probably will not wear them before the wedding day.  If it rubs or chafes in the store, any amount of time and wear will not improve how the shoe feels.

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