Many people believe that neuropathy is an unfortunate but manageable condition, causing numbness in the feet and ankles. However, patient who are suffering from neuropathy know that there is far more to nerve damage than a loss of feeling. Patients may experience a tingling, burning, or even stabbing pains in their extremities, and cannot bear to touch their feet due to their sensitivity. Still more sufferers are at risk of falls due to lack of balance and coordination, and can experience muscle weakness or paralysis if the condition advances.

State-of-the-Art Treatments for Neuropathy Patients in Grand Strand

Early treatment is highly beneficial for patients with neuropathy. In our offices, our podiatrists will help you understand your condition and recommend the best treatment options to control your symptoms and prevent further nerve damage.

Our treatments for peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Preventive treatment. Neuropathy can not only impair sensation, but can cause interrupted circulation and reduced sweat and oil production in the feet. We can examining your feet for mechanical problems, see if your neuropathy has altered your walking gait, and explore potential benefits of foot braces, walking devices, or specialized footwear. We can discuss your medication and pain relief options, and explore physical therapy options to improve your mobility and range of motion.
  • Surgery. While we always attempt non-surgical interventions first, our podiatrists are all board-certified in podiatric surgery, making us ideally suited to offer both conservative and surgical treatment options. For patients with severe peripheral neuropathy, our podiatrists offer advanced, state-of-the-art surgery to ease and correct your symptoms.

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