Feeling nervous about seeing a new doctor is not out of the ordinary.  However, don’t let this reluctance keep you away.  The doctors and staff are extremely friendly and will make you feel at home.   Here are a few tips to ease your concerns for a great visit to Coastal Podiatry Associates.   

Do: Take notes on your symptoms.  Remembering what increases or decreases pain, what caused the pain, or how it is affecting your lifestyle will help your podiatrist customize your treatment plan.  It’s ok to write this down to help you remember. 

Do:  Keep an updated list of your medications and allergies.  Even if your medication does not seem to affect your feet, all medications are important.

Do:  Bring your shoes to your appointment.  Your shoes can tell a story about how you walk.  It is especially important to bring any orthotics or walking devices.

Do:  Ask questions.  It is important for you to understand what is causing pain and understand how your treatment plan will help reduce the pain.  This helps you feel more comfortable and confident while reducing your pain.

Don’t:  Feel the need to get a pedicure or paint your nails.  Conditions such as fungal nails require a clinical examination and possibly a culture of your nail.  It is important not to trim the nails as nail samples may be required to confirm your diagnosis. 

Don’t:  Feel the need to shave your legs.  Hair growth is actually a diagnostic test used to evaluate blood flow. 

Don’t:  Feel embarrassed about your foot problem.  The doctors at Coastal Podiatry Associates have tremendous experience and welcome any concern large or small.  

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