Purchasing cheap flip-flops for their low price can be tempting, however, they may not be the best choice for your overall foot health, especially if you have experienced heel pain.

When looking for supportive flip-flops for plantar fasciitis, make sure to look for something that has excellent arch support, contoured foot bed and a deep heel cup. When holding the flip-flop, if it is very flimsy and you can fold it in half, put it back!

Here are five flip-flops that are podiatrist approved this summer:



OOFOS have become a summer trend amongst athletes over the past several years, providing straps that come far back on your foot, deep heel cup and decent arch support. OOFOS categorizes themselves as ‘active recovery footwear’ allowing your foot and muscles to be fully supported whether you’re fresh off the tennis courts or headed to the beach. These come in several styles and sold at most running stores.

Pure Stride

pure stride

These are not only podiatrist approved but made with a built in orthotic and sold at our office! (Coastal Podiatry Associates) They come in four different colors and are made of a rubbery material perfect for the pool or the beach. These come in a slide or thong. You can’t go wrong with a shoe made by podiatrist.


Vionic Flip-Flop





Vionic not only makes incredible dress shoes but also great sandals. The most popular styles are the Wave and the Tide. Both sold at our Little River office! A firm sole and incredible arch support, these will be a summer favorite. A rubber-like sole but fabric straps making these eligible to dress up or down.



A staple of the 90’s but forever a great sandal! The original Birkenstock has a cork sole and leather straps providing a firm arch support and deep heel cup. Over the past few years a more beach and pool friendly, rubber style, has been introduced to the market. The latest styles may be sacrificing support but still better than other flimsy flip-flops. 

Although Birkenstocks are not as good as a proper sneaker, they are a great option. Proper support and a timeless fashion statement. These can be pricey but promised to last for years. 



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