Bunions form when there is a structural problem within the foot causing a prominence at the base of the big toe. Since this is a boney problem, correction commonly requires surgery. Typically, the surgery involves more than just shaving off the bump. The majority of surgeries require a realignment of the bones and six to eight weeks of recovery. Some people deal with their bunion pain because they are scared or heard horror stories about surgery. Bunion surgery is a same day surgery and will have you back on your feet in no time. Below are some common myths.

Bunion Surgery is Extremely Painful

Bunion Surgery is not particularly worse than other surgeries. Foot surgery can lead to increased post-operative pain due to two things. The foot is below the level of the heart and blood can more easily pool causing increased swelling and pain. Also, the foot doesn’t have as much tissue surrounding the bones which can aggravate the nerves and cause pressure when swollen. Adhering to post surgery instructions of rest and elevation can reduce these problems.

Cast and Crutches always come with Bunion Surgery

Today’s techniques have allowed surgeons to mobilize patients earlier than ever before. A surgical shoe or boot allows patients increased comfort while still providing the benefits of a cast. However, crutches are routinely used for the first few weeks to allow the skin and soft tissue to heal.

You Will Have to Take Time Off Work

This is determined by the demands of your workplace. A person with a desk job will be able to return much quicker than someone on their feet all day. The length of time away from work varies also based on the type of procedure completed.

Don’t Fix a Bunion Unless it’s Painful

It is a good idea to fix a bunion when it interferes with daily activity, continues to grow, or prevents normal shoes from being worn. Surgery may also be suggested to save the big toe joint or other parts of the foot from arthritis.

Bunion Surgery Results in Terrible Scars

Unfortunately, incisions are a part of every bunion surgery. Based on the type and location of procedure determines the incision used. Some procedures result in small incisions. Also, a surgeon may perform a plastic surgery-type closure to reduce scaring.

Bunions Come Back after Surgery

Unfortunately, reoccurrence is possible with any surgery. Some people have excessive motion in their foot which can cause the bunion to return. Other times, the procedure was picked for cosmetics or temporarily relief. The surgeons at Coastal Podiatry Associates are trained in a variety of bunion surgeries to best prevent, manage, and correct any bunion.

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Bethel A Watts 07/19/2016 08:05 PM
I'm a patient of Dr. Menn. I had total knee replacement in May 2016. My right foot has a large bunion and other problems with my toes. My foot hurts and it's sore after PT on my knee. I think it would be beneficial for me to have mine removed. I've not worn closed shoes in several years and not able to enjoy anything with walking involved.
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