Have you noticed a bluish or black color to your toes? Has this color been gradually increasing as you get older?

As people age, their arteries and veins may not work as well as they once did. This is due to the normal aging process and can be accelerated by other health complications. Poor blow flow is the leading factor to changes in skin color. One cause of poor circulation is blocked arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart out to the body. Over time arteries can become slowly clogged by plaque or if very rapidly when a large piece of plaque breaks off and blocks a smaller artery. Veins are the other part of blood circulation. These blood vessels return used blood from the body to the heart. People who suffer from poor veins may experience swelling or varicose veins. As this blood pools in your feet, normal parts of the blood called heme can cause a dusky black discoloration.

If you are noticing a dark color to your skin, it is important to visit your doctor right away. This skin’s discoloration is a serious concern and if not treated early can become a serious problem. A podiatrist is specially trained to help determine the cause of the color change. Blood flow studies may be needed to determine the cause of poor circulation and if any blood vessels are blocked. Depending on the state of your blood supply, vascular doctors may be added to your health care team. The podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Associates are happy to see you and help treat your feet for any problems including discoloration.

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