Shoe inserts are everywhere.  You’ve seen them at the grocery store or mall and have probably seen them on TV.  These non-prescription shoe inserts claim to fix all of your foot pain.  The truth is not all shoe inserts are created equal and one style does not fit all. 

Shoe inserts can be very helpful for a variety of foot ailments including flat arches or foot, heel, and leg pain.  There are two general types of shoe inserts, pre-packaged or over-the-counter and custom.  Inserts prescribed by a doctor and molded to your foot are considered custom; all others are over-the-counter.  Both types can provide cushion, comfort, and support your arches.

The most common types of shoe inserts include arch supports, insoles which slip into your she for extra support, heel liners or heel pads, and foot cushions to help prevent the foot from rubbing inside the shoe.  Choosing the best insert for your foot can be difficult.  It’s important to first consider your general health.  Do you have diabetes or numbness in your toes?  Do you have problems with circulation?  If so, it is best to visit your podiatrist to have an insert designed specifically for your needs.  It’s also important to think about why you need the inserts.  Different inserts are needed for shopping verses marathon training?  The last thing to consider is how they will fit into your shoe.  Try them on in your shoes while still at the store.  This will make sure your new inserts fit and feel comfortable.

A general rule of thumb is the more rigid or firm the insole is, the more support the insert will provide.  Many times people purchase a soft insert for arch or heel pain when they really need a firm, supportive insert.  The podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Associates can offer individual recommendations and suggest the best brand or type of insert for your need.  

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