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All the commotion from a busy holiday season can cause achy and tired feet. Walking, dancing, standing, decorating, traveling and celebrating can take a toll on lower extremities and no one wants soreness or fatigue to slow them down. This makes it important to spend time caring for your feet. Following these tips will help keep your feet on the move.


Dry winter air and cold temperatures can cause havoc on your skin. Moisturize feet daily to help avoid dry, cracked, and irritated skin. Make sure not to moisturize between your toes as this can lead to excess moisture.


Stretching is an excellent way to avoid muscle cramps. Help prevent toe cramps by raising, pointing, and curling your toes for five seconds and repeat ten times. Rotating your ankles can also help relax the feet.


In addition to feeling great, foot massages help release tension, boost circulation, and refresh the skin. Just a few minutes can make a big difference.


Your feet and ankles can swell from sitting too long in one position (traveling) or being on your feet all day (shopping, baking, and cleaning). Take time to rest and elevate your legs to reduce swelling. Make sure to get your legs above your heart for the most effective elevating.

See Your Doctor

Your feet should not hurt all the time. Continued foot pain can point to a larger problem or injury. If your feet cause persistent pain call your podiatrist.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain in their feet, the doctors at Coastal Podiatry Associates are available to help. The doctors have received extensive training in all aspects of the foot and can help you return to normal activity. To determine the best course of treatment contact our office at 843-449-FOOT (3668) or visit our website at

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