Bunions form when the big toe angles towards the smaller toes. The most advanced and permanent treatment of bunions is surgery. However, conservative treatments should be attempted to try to slow down the progression of the bunion or reduce its associated discomfort before scheduling surgery. The following are examples of available conservative treatments that can be purchased at your local podiatrist office or online.

Bunion Aid Splint

This is a splint designed to hold the big toe in a straighter position. It can be worn while walking or sleeping. This product is meant to resist some of the soft tissue changes that occur with a bunion. It’s best at reducing the soft tissue stress and inflammation.

Bunion Sleeve

A bunion sleeve is made from elastic or other protective foam. It fits over the toe like a glove and has a protective layer that cushions the bunion. It’s best used when experiencing pain or skin irritation due to the bunion bump rubbing against shoes.

Gel Toe Spreader

Spacers or spreaders are used for separating the big toe from the second toe. They are designed to help realign the big toe and prevent some of the soft tissue stress caused by a bunion.

Bunion Support Socks

These socks utilize a combination of cotton, elastic, and foam. They attempt to pad the bunion bump and correct the toe’s alignment.


Orthotics are a molded shoe insert designed to control how your foot moves during each step. Many times bunions form or get worse due to excessive motion within the foot. Orthotics range from over-the-counter to fully customized and prescribed by your podiatrist.

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