Many parents have trouble with shoe shopping for their teen.  Not only do shoes need to fit within a budget, they also must be approved by your teen.  This can be very difficult for parents that have a junior high or high school teen with a strong opinion about fashion.    


How to choose the right athletic shoe:

A recent survey found that 75% of high school students play a school or recreational sport with nearly 40% having a history of foot injury.  It is important to keep in mind your teen’s sport while shoe shopping.  Different sports require different shoes, and choosing one specifically made for that sport can help prevent injury.  Price does not always match quality.  All good athletic shoes need to offer plenty of support, function, and cushioning.  Shoes should have a stiff mid-sole and bend at the ball of the foot.  Today’s athletic shoes should be comfortable right away and not need a break-in period.

How to choose a good dress shoe:

More girls than boys suffer from pain due to uncomfortable shoes with high heels being the largest offender.    Good shoes will offer support for both the front and back of the foot.  High heels are ok for special occasions and in limited amounts, but should not be worn for long periods.  Instead of purchasing high heels, consider flats, or for added height try platform or wedge heels.  Keep in mind that if a heeled shoe is uncomfortable to wear when just standing, it is not unlikely to change as your teen walks.  For a best fit, opt for a shoe with plenty of support and cushioning with breathable materials such as leather or canvas. 

Teens that experience foot pain should not be ignored, as fewer than 2 out of 10 teens have ever seen a podiatrist to treat foot problems.  Any kind of foot pain is not normal and teens should evaluated by a podiatrist who can help evaluate and treat the underlying problem.  The podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Associates are well trained in treating foot problems as well as how to choose the correct shoe for any occasion.  

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