A custom foot insert or orthotic, is a device placed inside your shoe to alter how your foot functions while walking. Orthotics are roughly the shape of your shoe’s removable insert, but are more rigid and have an arch. They are used to support the bones and soft tissues in the arch of your foot. This is accomplished by distributing pressure across the foot in an even manner. The redistribution of pressure can lead to reduced pain in your foot’s arch, ball of the foot, heel, ankle, hips, and even lower back.

Custom foot orthotics are made from many different materials, ranging from cork to hard plastics such as polypropylene. To obtain the correct shape of your foot, your podiatrist will cast your foot with plaster, fiberglass, or foam. These casts are then filled with liquid plaster and a piece of plastic, cork, or other material is heated to make molded to the cast. Along the way, your podiatrist can add modifications to the molds to achieve optimal support. Custom padding may also be added to the shell to provide a better fit. Finally, a soft cover is added to the top of the orthotic for comfort.

Orthotics are a great addition to a comprehensive treatment approach to foot, ankle, and leg pain. They allow for therapeutic support and cushioning to key symptomatic areas. If you have further questions as to what custom orthotics are or how they can help you, schedule an appointment at Coastal Podiatry Associates today at 843-449-FOOT(3668).

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