The importance of wearing proper shoes is not just for women to worry about.  Everyone can benefit from a pair of well-fitting shoes.  With 25 percent of the body’s bones located in your feet, it is important to maintain normal alignment for the foot to function properly.  Many of the problems associated with your feet come from ill-fitting shoes.  If left untreated, many of these problems eventually require surgery.  It is important to know your foot size and to be re-sized every year.


The distance from the back of your heel to the tips of your toes is not the most important measurement.  As you can guess, this measurement is called the heel to toe measurement.  The measurement from your heel to the ball of your foot is actually the most important measurement.  This distance is the key area for your shoe to support and prevent motion.  Another important measurement is the widest part of the foot.  This measurement is typically completed at the ball of the foot but the widest part can be found anywhere.  This measurement allows for room so that your foot can rest comfortably within the shoe.


Poor fitting shoes can cause a variety of foot problems.  Bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, or nail discoloration are just a few.  For many people, these causes of foot pain can be reversed or slowed with proper fitting shoes and inserts.  If you are suffering from any foot pain, the podiatrist at Coastal Podiatry Associates can evaluate your shoe gear and offer treatment recommendations.    


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