Your life is never the same after you are diagnosed with diabetes. You test constantly to make sure your blood sugar levels are under control and try to eat right at every meal to prevent a sudden glucose spike or drop. Your doctors have warned you that diabetes can cause permanent damage to your kidneys, liver, and eyes—not to mention the potential loss of a leg due to infection.

Control and Prevention of Diabetes Foot Injuries in Grand Strand

If you suffer from diabetes, it is vital that you see a podiatrist regularly to keep your foot symptoms under control. Early treatment can prevent open wounds from forming and fast intervention can stop infections from spreading. Coastal Podiatry Associates work with diabetes patients, listening to their concerns and making personalized care plans to protect their feet for a lifetime.

We provide a number of specialized services for our diabetes patients, including:

  • Wound care. Consistently high blood sugar levels can result in a weakened immune system, making it harder for the body to fight off infections. A simple cut or scratch can be deadly for diabetic patients, since their bodies are often unable to heal these wounds, leading to an ideal environment for bacterial infections to take hold. We treat diabetic foot ulcers aggressively to prevent infection, bring current infections under control, and take measures to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the body. We also counsel patients on proper foot inspection and wound treatment at home, ensuring that future ulcers do not become infected.
  • Preventive care. The best way to treat diabetic foot conditions is to stop them before they occur. We can prevent many injuries from happening by examining your feet and toenails for potential problems that can lead to corns, calluses, blisters, and ingrown nails. Through our diabetic shoe program, we can correct known structure issues and relieve abnormal pressure on the patient’s feet during walking. Finally, we can identify potential skin issues that can lead to injuries and skin breakages and counsel patients on how to moisturize and care for their feet at home.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure!

For patients with diabetes, early treatment is the difference between a serious disease and a manageable condition. With a combination of careful prevention and aggressive intervention, our podiatrists help patients with diabetes live full and active lives. Call the number on this page today or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment at one of our South Carolina foot care clinics.