Do you roll your ankle chronically?

Chronic ankle instability is a condition characterized by recurring giving way of the outer (lateral) side of the ankle.  This can develop over-time after repeated ankle sprains.  The inability to recover over the first 6 weeks to months of conservative treatment for ankle pain/discomfort that limits an individuals ability to function (walking, running, high impact sports) can be indicative of chronic ankle instability.  Turning of the ankle on un-even terrain, persistent discomfort, pain/tenderness, or just unstable feeling of the ankle can be signs of chronic ankle instability. 

Whether its daily walking, standing, or exertional activities you may suffer from this condition.  Seeing your local podiatrist can help to diagnose and medically manage this issue from conservative to surgical options being available. 

Chronic ankle instability is often associated with many different internal/external pathologies such as sinus tarsi syndrome, osteochondral defects, peroneal tendinopathy, and subtalar joint instability all of which can be adequately diagnosed and treated by a podiatrist.  Advanced imaging with MRI is commonly performed to help further direct treatment options. 

Ankle Instability

Chronic Ankle Treatments

Treatments range from physical therapy, neuromuscular/proprioceptive training, bracing, orthotics, medications, and even surgery based on the severity of the condition.  Most of the time, when standard bracing and taping methods fail to provide adequate support, surgical options tend to be considered.  Surgical treatment includes direct ligament repair, versatile ligament augmentation, and anchoring hardware to the native ligaments of the lateral ankle.  Whether you have been suffering from ankle pain for a few days or months, its best to see our podiatrists as soon as possible to get back on your feet pain free.

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